The Lab


WebDKP was a web based project that I founded and later sold shortly before joining Google. When I sold the service, it had grown to over 500,000 users and was continuing to grow. WebDKP is a free web service for players of the game World of Warcraft. The site keeps track of user information called “DKP”, which can often be very difficult to handle manually. The site can often reduce tasks that used to take hours into a matter of minutes. It is integrated with World of Warcraft by means on an addon that users can download. The site generates income through a combination of advertisements and an optional subscription.

See more at, including more screenshots.


WebRisk is a small web game that I created based on the popular board game Risk. In Risk, players fight to concur the world by moving armies and capturing territories. In the web based version, players were able to claim land ( now made up of squares ), by moving their armies over them and spreading their borders. The game relied heavily on AJAX and allowed players to see in real-time the movement of other player’s armies.