Staff Software Engineer at Google

About me

I’m a software engineer with 14 years of experience. I work across stack with a particular passion for the frontend space. I'm currently working at Google on their internal business intelligence platform. Prior, I've worked on Analytics, Adwords, and at Canon's American R&D branch.

Work experience

Google Internal Business Intelligence Suite
Staff Software Engineer
  • Currently tech lead / manager of a team of 4 engineers responsible for multiple frontend products in the suite
  • Conduct career planning, product planning, and task prioritization
  • Built a frontend application for editing and monitoring ETL data pipelines using a rich graph based editor
    • Product responsible for XXX,000 internal pipelines
    • Increased frontend usage by 55% over a 1 year period
  • Worked cross-site to build and release a pipeline monitoring frontend for another team in Zurich
  • Created common frontend infrastructure used across the suite
Google Analytics
Senior Software Engineer
  • Designed and launched project to migrate Analytics frontend to new serving stack include Angular
    • Lead team of 4, later coordinating work of 11 engineers at peak of migration
    • Conducted design, security, privacy, and legal reviews
    • Designed process that allowed for incremental migration
  • Lead a team of 3 to develop a common, accessible, frontend component library
  • Lead a team of 3 to develop Analytics 360 Suite user management features
  • Developed multiple features within the Analytics management UI
Google AdWords Keyword Tool
Software Engineer
  • Helped develop and release a new version of the Keyword Tool
  • Developed multiple features including user preferences, improved search, and improved table performance
  • Developed suite a webdriver tests for automated frontend testing
  • Member of production on call rotation
  • Prepared training material and taught classes on GWT
  • Canon Development Americas
    Software Engineer
  • Conducted research and development to create new technologies for future Canon products
  • Helped develop early versions of Canon’s support for Web Services on Devices
  • Developed exploratory software and a smart remote for a potential brand of Canon TVs
  • Traveled to Canon Headquarters in Tokyo to showcase division’s latest work
  • Published 2 patents
  • Education

    University of Southern California
    Masters in Business Administration
    University of California, Irvine
    Bachelors in Computer Science